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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Salad with Chicken

I didn't want to say Chicken Salad because once I do people think of chopped chicken with a mayo base that you put on bread. Anyway, we are up to our ears in cherry tomatoes and had to use them up. Ok maybe not that many, but we still always have tomatoes to use up. Here's what we put on our salad for lunch.

Salad fixings:
cherry tomatoes
chicken strips
hard boiled eggs
cheddar cheese
and i put tater tots on mine.

Yes that's what I said, tater tots. When visiting a relative in Pennsylvania they made a salad for us. It had all the regular salad fixings including chicken. The one thing that threw us back was that they put french fries on the salad. Oddly enough it was very good. So, having leftover tater tots I decided to heat them on the stove with some olive oil and put them on my salad. It was very yummy.

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